Mr V.K Surekha

Shri V.K. Sureka is an Executive Director Mauria Udyog Ltd. MAURIA UDYOG LIMITED is India’s leading Exporter & Manufacturer of welded steel cylinders.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world” and I want to see a world where no child is deprived of education, health and happiness especially due to lack of resources. SSRRC is doing an incredible work at the ground level by proving not only basic education but also making the village children digitally literate. I am glad that I am able to do my bit with the help of SSRRC’s various village development programs.

Indu Grover

Integrated Rural Development is though slow moving and gigantic process but this is imperative for overall development of our country.

Towards this direction Sai Social Responsibility & Research Centre has been doing commendable work in the area of education and training of the residents of Jaitpur-Vaispur village especially during well organised Summer Camps for women and children, this organization work has been commendable.

I wish Sai Social Responsibility & Research Centre a great success in their endeavor

Indu Grover
Retd. Associate Prof. Gargi College, University of Delhi


Designer Rosy Alhuwalia is a name to reckon with for Bridal wear as well as semi formal wear. Her collections combine Indian sensibilities and crafts with western silhouettes.’ Rosy Ahluwalia has redefined and con temporized costumes in Indian Cinema and still continues to win many prestigious awards till date. Her label is a hot favourite when it comes to styling.

Rosy Ahluwalia’s areas of creativity span the board spheres of Bollywood, design, styling, diffusion and everlasting bridal and couture. Rosy has showcased her collections at various international fashion shows in New York, Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore.

Due to her immense work she is now a part of Savvy which is one of the leading Female Magazine of India. She recently has launched her new collection in New York. The fabulous designer has her workshops in Bangalore and Kolkata as well. She has designed clothes for Madhur Bhandarkar movie Calendar Girls and currently done the designing for the movie ONE NIGHT STAND with Sunny Leone. She has been working with Magna Publishing Co. Ltd. On Projects focusing on Women Empowerment. Her collection being bridal is not only about bright colours but also the designs to keep up with the current trends.

She was awarded Emerging Designer of the Year in India fashion Summit-2012 Fashion Awards. She was also applauded with Outstanding contribution in fashion and Lifestyle at the fashion and lifestyle Awards 2013 by IIFD. She also was a part of Splendid Indian Closet Fashion Tour 2014.Her gorgeous glamazon works amplifies woman’s individual style quotient. What else for a woman who believes “WORK HARD IN SILENCE, LET YOUR SUCCESS BE YOUR NOISE”.