Primary Education Assistance Programme- Village school children are provided assistance in elementary Maths, English and Science by arranging volunteers who teach them with modern technology.

Digital Jaitpur- A computer literacy drive was also initiated in August 2013 as the ongoing aim of ‘Digital Jaitpur’. Over the years approximately 100 children have been benefited from spoken English training and a reputed university students provide computer training.. 16 students who were later awarded with NIIT certificates successfully completed the first phase of computer training. The second phase of the project has started under Summer Camp from Mid-May 2017.

Girl Child Education Adoption Programme “Shristi”: It’s a programme where we facilitate financial help to girl child who come from economically weaker sections of the society by paying their school fees, uniforms, books and other incidental expenses. The project was started to provide quality education to girls and to reduce the number of school dropouts and increase the overall participation of girls in nation building. The programme started with adoption of one girls child in 2014 with the help of our stakeholders, the number has increased to 11 in 2017.

Adult Education “Gyan-Kosh”: Under this programme 75 underprivileged women of the village were given classes on basic reading and writing skills in Hindi. The first phase of the programme got completed in August 2015 under which 49 women successfully completed the program and are confident to read and write in Hindi. The aim of the programme is to empower the women by giving them right to education so that they are not be fooled by anyone when it comes to reading and signing some papers on their own.